Zurich Term Life Insurance Plan

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Key features

Flexible premium renewable term of 1, 5 or 10 years with guaranteed renewal up to age 100 (age next birthday)

Instant quote and simple application without medical examination

Cheaper than a daily cup of coffee for a maximum of HKD 3,000,000 cover of death benefit

Accept applications from Hong Kong residents up to age 71 (age next birthday)

Product summary

Premium renewable term

1/5/10 years

Issue age

19 - 71 (age next birthday)

Guaranteed renewable age

Up to life insured’s age 100 (age next birthday)

Policy currency


Premium payment frequency


Minimum sum insured


Maximum sum insured

19-50 (age next birthday): HKD 3,000,000
51-71 (age next birthday): HKD 2,000,000

Death benefit

= Sum insured - any terminal illness benefit paid - any indebtedness

Terminal illness benefit

The lesser of (i) 50% of the sum insured; or (ii) HKD 1,000,000

Death benefit settlement option

The death benefit can be paid to the beneficiary(ies):
(i) in lump sum; or
(ii) by monthly installment to be settled within one year to ten years


The policyholder and the life insured must be Hong Kong residents
(each life insured can only be insured by no more than one policy of this plan)

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